Mentorship Program

Amazing nonprofit professionals do not just happen… they have mentors! It is also not a secret that structured mentorship programs are hard to find in the nonprofit sector, which is why in 2016 YNPN St. Louis launched its inaugural Mentorship Program. This year we are reshaping the program to better meet the changing needs of nonprofit professionals during the present challenges of a global pandemic and civic unrest.

Now, more than ever, nonprofit professionals need support in navigating changes in the sector while trying to meet career goals. YNPN St. Louis continues to be is a reliable resource for connecting like-minded professionals to share insights, tools, and experience through mentorship, helping today’s young professionals meet their career goals and navigate challenges that will shape the future of our sector.

Mentees will:

  • Have a current YNPN St. Louis membership
  • Have at least one area of growth or challenge for their mentor to provide coaching
  • Engage with their mentor through a mutually agreed upon method of communication

Mentors will:

  • Have relevant professional experience that aligns with the mentee’s goal(s)
  • Have 3+ years’ experience in their chosen field
  • Have availability at least once per month to connect with their mentee

The overall goal of the new mentorship program is to allow mentees a more informal platform for engagement with experienced nonprofit professionals as a means for sharing tools and ideas while building network relationships and achieving professional development goals.

The program cycle is ongoing, and a mentor/mentee introduction is made within three weeks of a mentee’s inquiry. Once connected, the partnership is conducted on terms agreed upon by the mentor and mentee, including method of communication and length of partnership.

Periodically, mentors and mentees will receive communications from YNPN St. Louis requesting feedback on your experience in the program. All participants will also receive the YNPN St. Louis newsletter

Enroll Today!

If you are interested in participating in this program, please email with the following:

  • copy of your current CV/resume
  • do you want to participate as a mentor or as a mentee?
  • what are your areas of expertise (for mentors) or areas in which you wish to grow (for mentees)