Death to Buzzwords

Blog Contributor: Kristen Mueller, Director of Communications at Earth Force and YNPN St. Louis Marketing Chair.

Buzzzzzzz. Buzz Buzz. Buzzzzzzz. SMACK. That’s me, trying to kill the latest buzzword to take over my nonprofit. 


Lately, we’ve been an especially dynamic organization. I’m talking seriously dynamic. We’re more dynamic than all of the other dynamic organizations out there.

Wanna know our secret? We’re disruptive. I mean, not literally disruptive, and perhaps not even figuratively, but it sure sounds good, right?  Our synergy is off the charts. We’ve been employing all of the best practices to ensure high quality programming and maximum impact. (In the spirit of transparency, though, there aren't actually any real standards for best practices in our industry…)

Our robust strategy allows us to touch so many lives. We’re touching people all over the place. (Can we all agree to stop using ‘touch?!’ It always sounds creepy.) Our scalable model ensures sustainability as we work to create tangible change.

Community development and collective impact are core to our delivery model. We take a deep dive into the work, putting boots on the ground and developing partnerships to achieve our mission. We’ve created more bandwidth to really move the needle on this critical work.


What’s the value-add of this approach? (Math can be hard, right? Collective impact + bandwidth = All of the funding. Just trust me on this one.) Overall, we’re empowering and engaging our target audience. In order words, we’re changing the world.  

What’s that? Your organization sounds an awful lot like mine? What a small world…

If you know some buzzwords that need to die, share them in the comments section or with us on social media. #deathtobuzzwords