10 Reasons to Become a YNPN St. Louis Board Member

Blog Contributor: Rebecca Buffington, President of YNPN St. Louis

I’m excited to announce that YNPN St. Louis is looking for new board members.

Recruiting new voices and minds into the organization is so important to keeping us innovative and progressive. I’ve been a board member for the past four years, starting first on the Programming Committee to Programming Chair and finally serving as President for nearly two years. YNPN St. Louis has helped me to expand my network and develop lasting relationships with some amazing young professionals. It has also shaped who I am as a nonprofit professional by providing valuable training on how to be an effective volunteer board member, hand-on experience in developing collaborative programs and partnerships, improving my communication, project management and leadership skills, and even provided me with a bit of fundraising experience that I couldn’t get in my current job position.

So why should you apply to be a YNPN St. Louis board member? We’ve got ten solid reasons below:

  1. You’re a young nonprofit professional who wants to be able to continue to build your resume and show a diversity of experience within the field? We’ve got you covered!
  2. As a YNPN St. Louis board members you’ll create even deeper relationships throughout the nonprofit field, seeing the same faces again and again.
  3. Get out of your professional rut! Do you support volunteer recruitment during the day and want to check out marketing or programming? We can help you with that.
  4. Get the opportunity to attend the YNPN National Conference where you’ll meet passionate nonprofit professionals from all over the country. (This year we’re going to Portland!)
  5. YNPN St. Louis board members are seen as thought leaders in the field and have an opportunity to shape the nonprofit sector in St. Louis.
  6. Want to see specific opportunities for young nonprofit professionals? Create them! At YNPN St. Louis, the sky in the limit.
  7. Get the opportunity to develop real leadership skills as a young professional, as you are a key driver in running YNPN St. Louis.
  8. Explore the behind the scenes of nonprofits like governance, board development, financial management and bylaw applications.
  9. Create a deep bond with fellow board members that will last a lifetime (and will certainly come in handy professionally).
  10. Be part of something bigger: Serving on the board of YNPN St. Louis means you are driving the nonprofit sector into the future and developing the next generation of nonprofit leaders in the process.

Want to learn more about the board member positions? Details and application here. Have additional questions? Email ynpnstl.@gmail.com