Member Spotlight: Hilary Sedovic

YNPN St. Louis has a diverse membership supported by many disciplines of the nonprofit sector. Our members come from over 70 nonprofits in St. Louis and six universities. We would like to highlight one of our great members, Hilary Sedovic, one of our 2016 Spring Mentees.

  1. What is your favorite place in St. Louis and why? I'm not sure I can pick just one! I will say that when I show friends from out of town around, I love to show off Forest Park and brag about how beautiful it is and how everything is free.
  2. How did you get involved in YNPN? I got involved in YNPN originally because it was suggested to me by my professor. While earning my MSW, I specialized in management so the faculty chair was always sending us emails with opportunities to network and get involved in our local non-profit community. YNPN seemed like a great place to get started.
  3. Why have you focused your career on the nonprofit sector? Most often, social workers are focused in the nonprofit sector because of the populations that we serve. I chose to earn a degree in social work because it appealed to my desire to help people and connect with them where they are in addition to utilizing my mindset that sees systems interacting in every situation. With social work, I felt that I could blend those two key parts of myself and be able to assist and empower people in an informed and intentional way. Given my focus in management, I'm very interested in utilizing those skills to inform decisions in programming and evaluation such that our [usually very limited] resources are being used effectively.
  4. What advice would you give to young professionals considering a nonprofit job? I would say that nonprofit work takes more than a need for a 9-5 that suits your abilities. I'm sure it sounds cliche, but I think that this work needs a lot of heart, energy, and dedication. I'd also say that it seems there is a lot more expected of us in the nonprofit world because we have a double bottom line - rather than just the usual bottom line of fiscal performance, we are also expected to address our performance in terms of social impact. It makes sense given the work that we do, but we are held to a different and higher standard which can be very frustrating at times. That's why I believe it is important that you have something deeper that ties you to the work and the mission.
  5. If you could pick the last meal you ate what would it be? This is probably one of the hardest questions somebody could ask me, because I have an intense love affair with food. I enjoy so many different things, but I think if it were my last meal it would need to have eggs either poached or over-easy on top. So I'd say probably some kind of wonderful skillet creation with vegetables, pulled pork, bleu cheese, and hashbrowns with eggs on top.
  6. What do you hope to accomplish that you haven't yet? I really am looking to build my leadership and management skills in a real-life application rather than just attending workshops and reading books (although those are very helpful, too!). That's why I'm very excited to have been chosen to participate in the inaugural mentorship program! I feel like it's a great next step in working toward my career goals.
  7. What has been your favorite YNPN STL event? Why? My favorite YNPN event thus far was Brew with 9 Strangers. Although it ended up just being about 4 or 5 of us, it was perfect because it gave me an opportunity to get to know other YNPN members a little better and it took away some of the pressure that I'd normally feel at a larger-scale event.

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