Member Spotlight: Emily Gries

YNPN St. Louis has a diverse membership supported by many disciplines of the nonprofit sector. Our members come from over 70 nonprofits in St. Louis and six universities. We would like to highlight one of our great members, Emily Gries, one of our 2016 Spring Mentees.

  1. What is your favorite place in St. Louis and why? I love going to the Soulard Market because there is such a sense of community and positive energy. Shopping and walking around the market is my favorite way to spend a Saturday morning. The produce is pretty inexpensive and there's this one bread stand that is amazing, I believe it's called Fazio's Bakery-I highly recommend it. 
  2. How did you get involved in YNPN? I was actually on twitter managing the account of the nonprofit I work for when I saw a tweet from YNPN about the mentorship program. I'm just starting my career and am really excited, but also feeling like I could use some guidance. The mentorship program sounded like exactly what I could use right now so I jumped on it and applied and was thrilled to be accepted.
  3. Why have you focused your career on the nonprofit sector? My first week of college I switched my major to social work and fell in love with the sector. I'm constantly around people who are all passionately working to serve the same mission. Even though I don't work in direct service, I feel just as connected to the mission and feel very fulfilled by my work.
  4. What advice would you give to young professionals considering a nonprofit job? If the job is for a smaller nonprofit, know there is a good chance you will be wearing many hats. This is something I personally love as it keeps things interesting and I feel like I'm always growing personally and professionally. I started about seven months ago knowing next to nothing about graphic design. YouTube tutorials have become my best friend and now I have a whole new skill set. 
  5. If you could pick the last meal you ate what would it be? Cheese. All of it cheese. Cheese is magical and can be used in every meal situation. I'd have to go with an asiago bagel with cream cheese, deep dish Chicago style pizza, and cheesecake. And yes, that is all one meal.
  6. What do you hope to accomplish that you haven't yet? Wow, so much. I'm weirdly passionate about organizational infrastructure. Everything an organization does to serve its mission is supported by back-end infrastructure so it is hugely important. Something I am working on currently that I am excited to accomplish is cleaning up and merging some databases at my current position. I know, sounds riveting. 
  7. What has been your favorite YNPN STL event? Why? I went to a session on marketing and it was really, really good and I learned a lot in just an hour. My background is social work so the idea of brand guidelines was foreign to me. The presenter was very knowledgeable and used a lot of real-world examples which I always appreciate. I'm definitely looking forward to attending more events on marketing and communications.