YNPN St. Louis and NSC Team Up to Offer Dynamic Opportunities

Blog Contributor: Rebecca Buffington | YNPN St. Louis President

Last fall, the Network for Strong Communities (NSC), formerly Nonprofit Services Center, approached YNPN St. Louis about partnering to offer joint programming opportunities to young nonprofit professionals. They were interested in the model of Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and wanted to reach more young professionals through their own programming.

We considered the opportunity among our board and ultimately decided to test out the partnership in 2016. A few of the benefits that will result from this partnership, both to our members and to the organization itself include:

  • More programming opportunities for our members: NSC will offer discounts for their privately run programming, meaning members will have access to more dynamic program opportunities.
  • Expansion of YNPN St. Louis services: NSC is helping us to streamline the internal structure of our organization (generously donating their time to help us re-write our bylaws, facilitate our board retreat, and help us with governance oversight), which means we have more time to offer MORE to our members. We recently launched our Mentorship Program and are committed to offering a variety of programming each month.

  • Greater opportunities for networking: Through our partnership with NSC, our YNPN St. Louis members will have opportunities to mix and mingle with even more nonprofit professionals, entrepreneurs and civic leaders.

  • Deeper influence in the nonprofit sector: YNPN St. Louis will have the opportunity to influence NSC programming, ensuring that their programs address topics that would be of interest to young nonprofit professionals.

NSC works to strengthen and increase the capacity of the nonprofit sector to better serve its constituents and build better communities through collaborative vision and action, which makes them a great companion to YNPN St. Louis’s goal of enriching and strengthening our local nonprofit sector and developing the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

They provide education, training, consultation and technical assistance programs and are committed to identifying and offering the highest quality programs and services to support the needs of community leadership, nonprofits and the sector as a whole.

We look forward to sharing more of the exciting opportunities that come out of this partnership with our members. We’d also love to hear from you all. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter and share your insights and ideas!

Thank you for your continued support of YNPN St. Louis!