YNPN St. Louis Announces New Branding

Blog Contributor: Erin Funk | YNPN St. Louis, Marketing Committee

YNPN St. Louis has undergone a visual transformation. Our current board has created a new identity to satisfy the existing expectations of what our organization stands for while also moving the brand forward.

The new font and colors provide a visual link to our brand identity as well as connecting our YNPN chapter to the influential national organization. The consistent representation of these core colors will help reinforce the distinctiveness of our brand. The new branding also features the iconic Gateway Arch and just as the monument continues to signify an expansion, YNPN St. Louis also works to expand our city in new ways.

Our goal of providing quality programming and resources to the young, nonprofit professionals in the St. Louis region has not changed. Updating our branding was to ensure our organization stays modern and desirable to current and future members.

Please view our new branding below.