Be the change at Blog Out Loud 2014

Blog Contributor: Emma Klues | Blog Out Load Steering Committee Member and Communications Manager at Great Rivers Greenway

As a young nonprofit professional, I have never been sure where to turn for professional development or networking. What's a good use of your limited-to-none-donor-entrusted funds for developing your own skills and ideas? It's a challenge. 

For the 4th year in a row, this November, I will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I can attend a very inexpensive event that accomplishes both of those goals. YNPN St. Louis takes bright and driven people and gives them a simple platform to share their ideas. And everyone benefits. It's a laid-back evening that includes everything from brilliance to beer, from discussing innovation to finding common ground with peers AND leaders in the nonprofit sector over a snack.

You can beg your boss for the funds to travel to a half day conference in another city, but while you're waiting for that approval, just come to Blog Out Loud

ALL THAT BEING SAID, the event won't happen unless you (YES YOU) submit your ideas. Of course we want you to attend, but even better? Speak. Blog. Out loud. Here is what we're looking for:

  • What is something you admire? Why does it work? Successfully analyzing why a certain model works can help our community share knowledge.
  • What is the future? How will nonprofits change? Imagine the possibilities and give even the smallest seed of an idea room to grow.

It's not a tough crowd, but it is an important one. Peers and leaders alike will help think through a concept, and hopefully be inspired to take it and run with it. This is not a night to pitch startups, but you KNOW you have an idea for, say, a new model for fundraising events that you're dying to shop around, or one you've seen work twice now and want to tell others about. 

Apply now. It's just a good idea.