Blog Out Loud 2014 - Better Together Tomorrow

Meet Karelia Rajagopal, the fourth speaker of the 4th Annual Blog Out Loud. This is a blog post introducing her presentation on November 18th, 2014. Be a apart of the conversation at #BOL14. Register for the event here.

Every community has a plan for how to better itself, how to play to the strengths it has and how to minimize the weaknesses it bears. The St. Louis region has 90 municipalities in the county, a county government and the city government. 92 multi-purposes governments compete with not just one another but with the 23 fire protection districts in the county as well. 115 governments provide services for 1.3 million people at a cost of over $2 billion per year. So much money poured in to a system that too many know too little about.

The cities and villages of the region compete against each other, often in the worst possible ways. It has led to abuse of public subsidies for building projects. It has led to regional rivalries that harm the greater community. It has led to governmental structures that do not always function in the best interest of the people or the community they are designed to serve. 

Better Together Tomorrow, a group of individuals dedicated to pushing for a better future for the region, want to encourage a conversation about how St. Louis can stop fighting against itself and begin to be a better place for everyone.