Blog Out Loud 2014 - Sharing Love by Getting Dirty

Meet Jenn Cloud, the first speaker of the 4th Annual Blog Out Loud. This is a blog post introducing her presentation on November 18th, 2014. Be a apart of the conversation at #BOL14. Register for the event here.

During the holiday season of 2013 I had an idea. As I was driving home late one night listening to AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" I somehow made the departure from what they were ACTUALLY singing about to how the practical application of doing "dirty deeds" like cleaning toilets and scooping kitty litter for folks may be particularly nice in such a busy time. I put together this plan to charge $20 per deed & do as many as I could in one day to give half of all my proceeds to one of my favorite groups, Tenth Life Cat Rescue. Using a simple Wordpress blog and my social media accounts I was able to do 14 Dirty Deeds, visit 10 St. Louis neighborhoods, drive almost 200 miles, raise $155 for Tenth Life AND make a video about all of it!

You can see the video and how the rest of the saga unfolded (I actually hit a MAJOR bump in the road on the day of the deeds...) on the website I set up.